The Pool Scrubber
Flexible Scrubbing Panel Attachment for an Automatic Pool Cleaner
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  • Bacteria and algae cling to the surface coating of pools, and vacuuming will not break their protective membrane.
  • Motor-driven brushes can overcome this defect, but they add significantly to the cost of the pool cleaning system.
  • Good automatic pool cleaning systems are readily available, but they have one drawback - they do not substantially defeat the growth of algae and bacteria clinging to pool surfaces.

  • For most pool owners, hand scrubbing of a pool is the economical choice.

The cost-effective, and manual labor-saving solution for the problem of removing algae and bacteria is the addition of a simplified scrubbing system to an existing vacuum pool cleaning system.

The Flexible Scrubbing Panel provides such a solution:

  • It breaks the protective membrane on algae and bacteria, allowing them to be vacuumed up.
  • It is cost effective.
  • It is easy and inexpensive to manufacture.
  • It is an add-on to the already available pool-cleaning system that can be installed at home in minutes, with minimum tools.

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