Demolition Safety Light
MADE IN THE U.S.A. (Patent #5650720)


APPROVAL NO. 18-A050002-0

The Demolition Safety Light is a safe electronic device specifically designed for checking the continuity of firing circuits or electrically initiated pyrotechnic devices. The "DSL" will ensure that your electrical wires have a complete circuit, so that your matches and squibs also have a complete circuit.

It's easy to use - just touch the leg wires to the copper disks and the red light will come on, indicating a complete circuit. Use it to check all your firing leads to ensure that there are no breaks in the wires.


  • All Milspec components.
  • 900% safety factor prevents accidental detonation of blasting cap or electric match. The "DSL" 5 milliamp powerdraw is far below the 50 milliamps safe limit established by Mine Safety (Department of Labor) and the industrial manufacturers of explosives. Reads 10+ Mil-Spec blasting caps through 3000+ feet of 22 gauge wire.
  • The "DSL" is energized by an encased, long-life, lithium battery which retains 95% of its energy after a 5 year shelf life. The battery meets Underwriters Laboratory (UL) safety requirements.
  • 120 hours of continuous operation equal to over 90,000 five second circuit tests. Operating temperature range is from -4 degrees F. to +150 degrees F.
  • The "DSL" is light weight, easy to see in bright sunlight, and is sealed in a durable polymer case, making it dust proof and water proof. The "DSL" is available in the colors of dark grey and yellow. Other colors are available upon request, in quantity, and at an extra charge.
  • Guaranteed! If the "DSL" malfunctions for any reason other than abuse or battery expiration, please return it to "Wizard Devices" for repair or replacement.
  • NOTE: If you're not an experienced or licensed blaster or pyro technician, DO NOT USE THIS EQUIPMENT. All safety precautions apply.
  • Price: $59.95.

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