Limited Quantity Available

  Flash Bulbs

Wizard Devices has acquired a limited quantity of M-3, PH/5, Magic/Flash CUBES, and Flipflash/Flash Bar flashbulbs and is making them available as a safe substitution in special effects and training programs.

Flash bulbs are used to simulate:

  • Underwater and electrical explosions
  • Flash grenades
  • Startle Points in training
  • Gun and Bomb flash
  • Electrical shorts and electrocutions
  • Added effect to miniature explosions
  • Great triggered effect for training bomb techs
  • And more applications only limited by your imagination!
  • Price: M-3 Flash bulbs - $20.00/dozen
    PH/5 bulbs - $24.00/dozen;
    Magic/Flash CUBES - $9.00/3-pack;
    Flipflash/Flash Bar - $9.00/ea.

Place your order today! There's no telling how long these flash bulbs are going to last.


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